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Types and Characteristics of Automotive Safety Gla

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        The front windshield of the vehicle is the most vulnerable part of the car, so the current sale of the car, the front windshield are used safety glass, the advantage of this material is that even if the rupture or even crushed, the glass can still be maintained as a whole , Will not happen to spread the wounding of the situation.

        Laminated glassIs a two or two or more glass with synthetic resin bonded together made of a safety glass. Laminated glass of the original film can be either ordinary glass, can also be tempered glass, semi-tempered glass, coated glass, heat-absorbing glass, Rewan glass; intermediate layer of organic materials is the most commonly used PVB (polyvinyl butyral) , There are methyl methacrylate, silicone, polyurethane and so on. When the outer glass by the impact of the rupture, the debris was sticky, only the formation of radial cracks, not caused by fragments of personal injury accidents. There are two methods of producing laminated glass: the film method (dry method) and grouting method (wet method), but the current dry production is the mainstream.

        bullet-proof glass Is a multi-piece of different thickness of the transparent flat glass and multi-chip PVB film from the scientific combination. Since the glass and PVB film are very tightly bonded, almost as a whole, and because the glass has a high hardness and PVB film has good toughness, so when the bullet comes into contact with the glass, their impact energy can be weakened to very Low degree and even zero, so can not penetrate. Bulletproof glass can be used as military defense, bank counter guard glass, gold and silver jewelry and other valuables display cabinets and other specific workplace.

        Alarm anti-riot anti-theft glassIs transparent and high strength, with a simple tool can not destroy it, can effectively prevent theft or destruction of the event occurred in the glass. It is usually made of multi-layer high-strength organic transparent material and glued material composite glass, in order to give the performance of the warning, the glue layer can also be caught in the wire mesh, and buried with visible light, infrared, temperature, pressure, etc. Sensors and alarm devices. Once the thieves commit crimes, touch the alarm device in the glass, and even trigger the series with the injury or damage to the gas device, etc., there will be alarm and the corresponding measures to catch the thieves in time to protect the property will not be stolen. Anti-theft glass is mainly used for bank vaults, weapons warehouses, cultural relics and exhibition cabinets, valuables counters and so on.

        fire-proof glass Is a new type of building functional materials, with good light transmission performance and fire retardant properties. Fireproof laminated glass according to the characteristics of the production process can be divided into composite fire glass and perfusion type fire glass. There are many varieties of fire glass, the main varieties are as follows: Mezzanine composite fire glass is the current domestic and international market is very popular and extremely popular transparent laminated composite fire glass. It consists of two or more layers of flat glass in the middle folder with a transparent fire adhesive composition. The strength of its fire depends mainly on the performance of fire-resistant adhesive is good or bad. Fireproof adhesives generally can be divided into inorganic materials (sodium silicate or also known as water glass), organic materials (acrylamide and flame retardants, etc.) and other two categories. China's production of fire glass manufacturers widely used inorganic materials for the production of fire-resistant glass, because of its raw material resources and inexpensive and rich, it can be used at room temperature or below 100 ℃ curing. The fire glass in the event of fire, the adhesive will quickly expand the formation of adiabatic heat insulation foam layer, can absorb a lot of heat. In case of fire and broken, but also bonding broken glass, in order to maintain the integrity of the fire glass and not hurt.

It is made of two layers of glass in the middle of the organic film or inorganic adhesive in the sandwich and then add the wire, mesh and made of composite glass body. After adding the wire or net, not only can improve the overall impact of fire glass strength, but also with the electric heating and safety alarm system connected to play a variety of functions. The only flaw of the fire glass is poor transmittance.

        Special fireproof glassRefers to the glass substrate used as a special component of the glass, rather than ordinary flat glass composition of the glass. It is mainly borosilicate fire glass, aluminum silicate fire glass, microcrystalline fire glass. The common characteristics are: due to the different composition, the glass softening point is higher, generally above 900 ℃; thermal expansion coefficient is low, in the strong flame generally not because of high temperature and burst or deformation; especially microcrystalline fire glass, In addition to the above characteristics, but also has high mechanical strength, bending, high compressive strength and good chemical stability and physical and mechanical properties. It also has the advantages of high softening temperature and low coefficient of thermal expansion. They are used as fireproof glass, all of which are superior.

        Hollow fire glassIs a new fire glass, is a set of noise reduction, thermal insulation and fire protection in a new type of glass. It is in the production of insulating glass on the basis of the possibility of contact with the fire or flame on one side of the glass substrate coated with a layer of metal salt, in a certain temperature, humidity drying, and then processed into different shapes of hollow glass door , Windows, partitions, partitions, fire doors and other hollow fire glass.

        Monolithic fireproof glass(DFB) is a fireproof integrity in a certain refractory time, can effectively block the flame and smoke spread of a single layer of transparent special glass. As a single piece of fire glass texture, permeability, and high strength, is now widely used in building curtain wall, building windows, partition wall, smoke vertical wall, sharing space, atrium, lighting roof, front window and so on.

        Antenna glassIs a glass in the shape of a certain increase in the conductor (usually 0.1 ~ 0.2mm of the copper wire welded in the middle film), and then caught in the middle of two glass, can play the role of receiving antenna. The antenna in the glass is not easily corroded, can accept all the band of radio waves, but also to eliminate the antenna noise generated by the antenna antenna noise. PVB film laminated glass refers to the two or more pieces of glass sandwiched between the PVB interlayer made of laminated glass. PVB film is the main component of polyvinyl butyral, it is the condensation of polyvinyl alcohol and butyraldehyde products. PVB interlayer can reduce the amount of noise through the glass, reduce the noise decibel, to achieve sound insulation, the use of PVB plastic interlayer made of laminated glass can effectively block the common 1000 ~ 2000Hz noise.

        EN film laminated glassIt is a vacuum one-step method (without the use of an autoclave) laminated glass with an EN film as the intermediate layer. EN film is an intermediate for the production of special glass products such as safety flat laminated glass, curved laminated glass, process laminated glass, bulletproof glass, solar cells and other special glass products (EN film chemical composition of ethylene vinyl acetate fiber polymer). Can be silk silk, cloth, paper products and a variety of functional membrane, glass and synthetic resin plate composite sandwich, etc., with safety, energy saving, beautiful and so on, and the material utilization is extremely high, the diaphragm can be stitched, the glass surface is not Leaving traces.

        Air conditioning glassIs made of double-layer glass processing, is the heating to the double-layer glass in the sandwich, and then distributed from the pores to the room, instead of radiator. This can not only save energy, but also convenient, soundproof and dustproof, to the summer can also be sent to send air.

        Ornament laminated glassIs set of film, ornaments, glass as one of the laminated glass. According to the different decorations, and showing a different decorative effect and practical functions, can be paper, brocade, all kinds of color film, wire mesh, metal plate and so on. Ornaments laminated glass can achieve elegant and refined, gorgeous abstract effect, but also can play a safe and anti-theft and the role of electrostatic shielding.