Bulletproof glass is popular in terms of multi-layer glass and multi-layer PVB interlayers combined, and their combination is orderly, always two layers of glass folder layer of PVB interlayer after high temperature and pressure and forming, when the bullet or Accidental damage to the bullet-proof glass or squeeze, the middle of the PVB will begin to play a role, PVB (polyvinyl butyral) is a polymer polyester chemicals, after high temperature will have a unique viscosity with the glass, And this physical characteristics of superior performance, resistance to penetration is quite strong. Is to do protection and bulletproof with the security products, the confidence of the designers will also use this PVB film in the bank, jewelry stores and other places of great confidentiality. PVB sandwich bulletproof glass can effectively resist the hammer, ax, stick and other blunt hit, to ensure that human beings from external attacks. Sandwich glass in the middle of the tensile strength of PVB film has been more than 20 kPa or more, the choice of thick tempered glass and thick PVB film to a certain extent, can greatly improve its bullet-proof series, you can avoid submachine gun direct damage, Glass we do 80-120mm.