When some people mention the colorful glass, we will think of KTV and the bar that colorful, glamorous glass. But now you know where these glasses can be used? It will be used in the construction and decoration, and now some countries of the company's office space will also use multi-color PVB laminated glass, the color of the coordination with the United States to the feeling. Now I will be different colors of the PVB interlayer to do an introduction, first of all we see the colorful glass is not the color of the glass, but the color of the PVB interlayer. This film has significant safety, anti-theft, sound insulation, heat insulation and can effectively absorb ultraviolet light and other functions, multi-color laminated glass is made of PVB interlayer and two glass through high temperature and high pressure forming, we generally use 0.38 Mm thickness of the PVB interlayer made of laminated glass, is one of the best materials for decorative glass, there is no one decorative glass can be compared with PVB laminated glass, so in the decorative glass selection, multi-color PVB laminated glass Is really cost-effective decorative glass.