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Anhui WanWei Bisheng Co.,Ltd.

Anhui WanWei Bisheng Co., Ltd. (shorten as BISN) is jointly established by Anhui WanWei Group & Zhejiang Bisheng Plastics Co., Ltd,. The registered capital is 120 million RMB, with 2 PVB film production bases separately in CHAOHU & JIASHAN city. Chaohu production base is close to Hefei City (the capital of Anhui Province). Jiashan production base is close to Shanghai City. The transportation is very convenient and developed.

Relaying on WanWei Group’s strong support, Bisn is the first Chinese PVB manufacturer with complete supply chain covering PVA – PVB Resin – PVB film. PVA &PVB Resin are all produced by ourselves, namely WanWei Group. With self-production & internal control, Bisn PVB film are guaranteed with clean, stable upstream raw material.

The production line are imported from Germany, U.S.A, Canada etc., with on-line contamination inspection system. The production workshop are designed to achieve constant humidity, constant temperature and anti-static dust-free condition, with 100,000.00 grade air-shower system. With advanced production & inspection equipment, and clean pro- cessing environment, Bisn PVB film is with excellent & stable quality. Till the end of 2017, there are 4 PVB film production lines, and the annual production capacity is 20,000.00 tons.

Wanwei Group

WanWei Group is engaged in chemical, chemical fiber, new material industries etc,. The comprehensive strength is in the forefront of Chinese PVA industry. WanWei Group has 6 subsidiaries, including Anhui WanWei Updated High-Tech Material Industry Co., Ltd., which is listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange in May, 1997 (Name shorten as "WanWei High-Tech", Stock Code "600063"). WanWei Group is the biggest PVA manufacturer in China. The annual production capacity of PVA is 250,000 tons, with more than 30% domestic shares & more than 70% of Chinese exports for 6 continuous years. With strong technical support, WanWei Group has the first National-Level enterprise technology center in China and more than 80 technology patents. PVB resin is the downstream products of PVA, which is under researched and developed by WanWei Group, with purpose to extend PVA industry chain. The project starts in Jan, 2013 and has been launched into market since 2014, with production capacity of 20,000 tons of Film-Grade PVB resin.