Throughout the 40-year development process, in fact, is a corporate brand development process, "Anhui-dimensional" brand from scratch, from small to strong, from single to multi-species, from the emphasis on quality to focus on quality, Development have witnessed the "brand of Anhui peacekeeping" rise. 2015, the company "Anhui peacekeeping card" trademark was the title of well-known trademarks in China, marking our distance? "Industry world-class quality of Anhui Wei" and a step closer, which is more determined "Wan Wei people" to create " Determination and will. In recent years, we mainly through the following ways to speed up brand building innovation, enhance the brand core competitiveness:

  • First, vigorously implement the brand strategy planning, strengthen the independent brand building innovation.The company in the "second five" period, to speed up the cultivation and construction of independent brands, innovative management methods and ideas, the company's four main products: polyvinyl alcohol resin (PVA), high strength and high modulus polyethylene glycol fiber, cement, redispersibility Latex powder have access to "Anhui famous brand" title, which PVA products won the national oil and chemical industry "well-known brand" title. 2015 "Wan Wei card" trademark was the title of well-known trademarks in China, the company's own brand scale has been expanding, independent brand's core competitiveness continues to improve, formed a high-strength high-modulus fiber, polyvinyl alcohol resin products as the representative of the "core brand "Products, cement and clinker, polyester chips, redispersible latex powder and other products as the representative of the" important brand "products, as well as the follow-up of methyl acetate, film-level PVB, film-level PVA as the representative of the" potential brand " product. At present, the polyvinyl alcohol resin (PVA) products in the domestic market share of more than 30 percent, with an annual capacity of 250,000 tons, its production and sales ranks first in the country, the world's forefront; high-strength high-modulus polyethylene glycol fiber products for many years export volume Ranking first in the same industry, domestic export market share of 70%. "Brand Anhui Wei" has become the core competitiveness of the company's development, the company won the market competitive advantage, expand the market share of the strong support and reliable guarantee.
  • The second is to strengthen cooperation with the internationally renowned company's brand strategy, and continuously enhance the company's product quality and brand gold content, continue to maintain the core competitiveness of the brand.At present, the company leading products are with some well-known international companies to carry out strategic supply cooperation, through cooperation with world-renowned companies, to continuously improve the company's product quality standards to meet the requirements of some well-known customer products to promote the company's product quality improvement.
  • Third, strengthen the brand innovation of new products, Expand the scale of brand efficiency, accelerate the pace of business transformation. In recent years, the company continued to strengthen scientific and technological product innovation, upgrade their own industrial chain, has successfully developed a carbonyl synthesis technology acetic anhydride products, PVA optical film, film with PVB resin and other products. Company with an annual output of 5 million m2PVA optical film pilot production line, with an annual output of 10,000 tons of PVB film with resin projects have been put into production. The opening of the PVB film resin industry will be China's auto industry, high-rise buildings, high-grade railway roadway insulation glass made a significant contribution to the development. PVA optical film products have changed the domestic TFT-LCD (thin film transistor liquid crystal display) polarizer with PVA optical film 100% dependent on imports of the situation.
  • Fourth, the implementation of the "first-class enterprises to do standards, the standard first brand" work new ideas."Twelve Five" period, the company has presided over the system (repair) set two national standards, two industry standards, namely: as the first drafting unit to develop a "fiber grade polyvinyl alcohol resin" national standard (GB / T7351 (FZ / T52023-2012); as the second drafting unit to develop a "vinyl acetate unit product energy consumption limit" national mandatory standards (GB30529-2014), "the high-strength high-modulus polyethylene glycol short fiber" industry standard (FZ / T52023-2012) "Polyvinyl alcohol fiber initial temperature test method" industry standard (FZ / T50028-2015). The above countries, industry standards, so that enterprises have mastered the product industry, the right to speak, to provide a prerequisite for maintaining the core competitiveness of the brand.
  • Five is actively seeking government matching incentives.In recent years, the company through the creation of "Anhui Quality Award", "Government Quality Award", "Anhui famous brand", "Hefei brand", the development of national and industry standards and other activities, not only by the government level to create the company's brand recognition And recognition, but also greatly enhance the company's product visibility and reputation. At the same time, the company has won the above activities to carry out the government supporting the matching funds of nearly 2.4 million yuan in 2015 to obtain the government incentive funds 650,000 yuan, brand creation and economic benefits win-win, to achieve a good economic and social benefits.

As the text of "innovative thinking" as described in the article, as a member of Anhui Wei, we should seek to seek long, fearless, speed up brand building innovation, and constantly enhance the brand's core competitiveness, the early realization of "world-class quality industry "aims.