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China has become the first producer of recycled po

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        In 2010, China's renewable polyester fiber annual production capacity of more than 600 million tons, the actual annual output of nearly 400 million tons, accounting for about 80% of global output. China has become the first producer of recycled polyester fiber.

        During the Eleventh Five-Year Plan period, the technological progress of the recycled polyester fiber industry was obvious. The process of domesticized equipment was becoming more mature, the quality of the product was improved, the speed of new product development was accelerated, and the diversification, differentiation and high-tech content were developed. Its products are nearly 100 species, can produce such as imitation of the staple fiber, re-growth silk, microfiber, imitation down fiber, flame retardant fiber and other high-end products, the application of market coverage of nonwovens, carpets, home textiles, automotive textiles And other fields.

        Recycled polyester fiber refers to the use of recycled waste PET bottle, polyester lumps, polyester waste silk and other raw materials into the fiber. "Industrial Structure Adjustment Guidance Catalog" (2011) will be the polyester recycling materials production of polyester industrial yarn, differentiated and functional polyester filament and other high value-added products as encouraged, which will help the recycling of polyester fiber industry In the "second five" made significant progress during the period.