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At the end of the 2015 Beijing International Glass Fair, Anhui Wei Sheng Sheng new materials limited liability company debut, access to widespread concern.

Anhui Wei Sheng Sheng new materials limited liability company, is the peacekeeping company and Zhejiang Yu Sheng Plastic Co., Ltd. jointly funded the establishment of a subsidiary. The company specializes in the production of PVB interlayer, is PVB resin as raw material for the safety of laminated glass of new materials, to improve the safety of glass, noise, energy saving and absorption of solar ultraviolet light has good characteristics, is widely used in automotive windshield , Architectural glass curtain wall, bulletproof glass and other fields, the market prospects.

In the four-day exhibition, Anhui Wei Sheng Sheng booth to high-end, the atmosphere of the exhibition style and rich product promotion and samples, attracting domestic and foreign professional manufacturers and agents of the stop, and the company's sales staff to negotiate, Understand the company, discuss cooperation matters.

The success of the new company in Anhui Wei Sheng Sheng limited liability company to the PVB industry demonstrated the company's strong strength and high-end products, and promote the overall image of Anhui Wei Sheng, so that domestic and foreign professional business to understand the company PVA as raw material, the production of PVB resin to the PVB interlayer to the end product of the complete process of the comprehensive strength of the chain for the Anhui Wei Sheng Sheng future production and operation has laid a solid foundation.