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October 21 - October 24, Zhejiang Sheng Sheng Plastic Co., Ltd. to bring the product development engineers, foreign trade sales staff and the company's latest products debut 2014 Germany Düsseldorf International Glass Technology Exhibition, with the world exhibitors to meet The.

Every two years of the German Düsseldorf International Glass Technology Exhibition, the glass industry and its suppliers in the world's largest glass exhibition, the glass industry is the most "international" event. Today, the latest international glass products and technology and related services brought together here. It not only indicates the next four to five years, the development trend of glass technology, but also for the glass industry enterprises to provide an ideal platform for business negotiations.

(A58-B), attracting a large number of new and old customers to come to the exchange and negotiations, and at the scene and I chief engineer in-depth communication to understand the new product, fully affirmed the Sheng Sheng PVB film Stable quality and very high cost. 皕 Sheng plastic ten years course, because of its good product quality, improve the service network, stability among the PVB film production and sales of domestic leading position. At the same time take this opportunity to Sheng Sheng PVB film to the European market, expand sales in the European region and the market share of the market, maintaining the majority of European customers confidence in BISN, establish a good in-depth relations of cooperation.