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Foreground analysis of PVB laminated glass

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        PVB glass laminated glass

        PVB glass sandwich film is made of polyvinyl butyral resin, plasticizer DHA plastic extrusion molding of a polymer material. PVB glass interlayer thickness is generally 0.38mm and 0.76mm two kinds of inorganic glass has good adhesion, with a transparent, heat, cold, moisture, high mechanical strength and other characteristics.

        PVB film is mainly used for laminated glass, is between the two pieces of glass into a layer of polyvinyl butyral as the main component of the PVB film. PVB laminated glass as a result of safety, insulation, noise control and isolation of ultraviolet light and other functions, widely used in construction, automotive and other industries. PVB films made with special formulations also have a wide range of applications in the fields of aerospace, military and high-tech industries, such as aircraft, spacecraft, military equipment, solar cells and solar receivers. Steel plate and so on.

        Europe and the United States most of the architectural glass are used PVB laminated glass

        Building with PVB laminated glass

        In Europe and the United States, most of the architectural glass are used PVB laminated glass, which not only to avoid injury accidents, but also because PVB laminated glass has excellent seismic invasion capability. The middle film can resist the hammer, chopper and other weapons of the continuous attack, special PVB laminated glass can also be a long time to resist the penetration of bullets, the degree of security can be described as extremely high.

Modern living room, sound insulation is good, has become one of the important factors to measure the quality of housing. The use of PVB film laminated glass can block the sound waves, to maintain a quiet, comfortable office environment. Its unique filter UV function, both to protect people's skin health, but also make the home of precious furniture, exhibits and so on to get rid of faded doom. It can also weaken the transmission of sunlight, reduce cooling energy consumption.

        PVB laminated glass of many advantages, used in home decoration will also have unexpected good results. Such as the doors of many families, including the kitchen door, are made of frosted glass. Cooking the kitchen fumes easily accumulate in the above, if the use of laminated glass instead, there will be no trouble. Similarly, the large area of the glass at home, on the natural child is a security risk, if the use of laminated glass, parents can be greatly assured.

        The PVB laminated glass is ruptured and may be broken under heavy ball impact, but the whole piece of glass remains intact, and pieces and sharp pieces are still stuck with the interlayer. Tempered glass requires a greater impact force is broken, once broken, the whole piece of glass burst into numerous fine particles, the framework of only a little broken glass. Ordinary glass hit a broken, the typical crushing situation, resulting in many long strip of sharp mouth fragments. When the laminated glass is broken, the mirror-shaped debris surrounds the hole and leaves more glass fragments around the penetrating point, and the wire breaks in different lengths.

        Urbanization and the rapid development of the real estate industry, the demand for PVB laminated glass increased significantly. At present, China's urbanization progress is changing, the increase of small cities, the transformation of large and medium cities, the construction of urban infrastructure has become an important driving force for China's investment demand and economic growth, and has a strong demand for PVB laminated glass. In addition, China's real estate industry in the rapid development stage, the first quarter of 2005 China's real estate investment growth of 26.7%, continue to maintain rapid growth. With the rapid development of China's real estate industry in recent years, China's decoration industry is also synchronized forward, the total output value of about 20% per year rate of increase. Building decoration industry boom, vigorously affect the consumption of building decoration materials. It is expected that the demand for PVB laminated glass will exceed 15 billion yuan in the next five years, which will become an important value-added factor that can not be neglected in the development of national economy. From the consumption structure, the current residential, automotive, tourism, education and information and information services, the five major consumer hot spots, residential growth as the main point. From the market space, real estate investment in the high-speed growth, will support the demand for PVB laminated glass steadily increased.

        PVB laminated glass in the automotive industry has been widely used

        Automotive PVB laminated glass

        PVB laminated glass has a high strength, toughness, and anti-collision ability, good security, high transparency. Once broken, inside and outside the two layers of glass fragments can still be bonded to the PVB film. PVB film has a large toughness, will withstand the impact of arching to absorb part of the impact energy, with a certain buffer effect, the high-speed impact strength is higher than the tempered glass. Field survey records also show that tempered glass has a higher casualty rate compared to laminated glass, and its debris has a higher rate of eye injury. In addition to the safety of the place, automotive PVB laminated glass also has anti-theft, sound insulation, anti-ultraviolet, energy saving and so on.

        In view of the above characteristics, PVB laminated glass in the automotive industry has been widely used.

        China's economy in the first half continued to maintain a steady, high-speed growth, GDP growth rate reached 9.5%. The domestic automobile market development is still a booming, the automobile industry has become an important industry to support the national economic development. 2004 domestic automobile production and sales exceeded 5 million, becoming the United States, Japan and Germany after the world's fourth largest auto market. 2004 China's automobile production and sales of 507.05 million and 507.11 million, an increase of 14.11% and 15.50%, respectively, and basically maintained a balance. In recent years, China's auto production and sales have maintained a growth rate of more than 30%.

        According to the August 12 China Automobile Industry Association released the latest statistics, as of July this year, the national automobile production and sales of 3.2161 million and 322.40 million, both exceeded 3 million mark. Experts estimate that in 2005 the annual production and sales of cars will reach 5.5 million, more than 2004 China's automobile production and sales. Which in the first half of the car sales reached 1307,400, an increase of 17.2%, to stimulate the growth of the automotive market, the backbone. The rapid growth of car sales for the automotive glass laminated PVB film market development provides a broad space, according to the car association's data show that in 2003 the automotive PVB laminated glass consumption exceeded 20 billion yuan.

        Summary: PVB laminated glass because of its good impact characteristics and safety, is a kind of safety glass, China is mainly used for transportation and construction industry. According to the glass industry association statistics, China's existing PVB laminated glass production line more than 150, of which more than 50 lines, the annual production capacity of about 20 million square meters, 2004 annual output of more than 25 million square meters, is expected in 2010 PVB laminated glass production Is expected to exceed 50 million square meters.

        With the rapid development of the construction and automotive industry, the demand for PVB laminated glass will be rapid development, the Chinese market prospects are bright. Plastic Processing Association is expected in 2005 China PVB glass interlayer demand will reach 350,000 tons, by 2010 will exceed 600,000 tons. At present, PVB laminated glass used PVB film mainly rely on imports, Japan's water, the United States DuPont, the United States Solomon three companies PVB diaphragm almost monopolized the market in China, seriously restricting the development of PVB laminated glass processing enterprises. After 20 years of development, China PVB raw materials, production technology, production equipment has been very mature, PVB film processing project has become a popular investment.