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Analysis of different methods of steel laminated g

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        In recent years, the state of building safety requirements are getting higher and higher. The use of architectural safety glass is also more and more widely, steel laminated glass is still safe glass category in the best of the safety performance, there is no one kind of safety glass can be compared with the United States. It is widely used in cars, trains, buildings and so on. Steel laminated glass derivative products, bulletproof glass is widely used in financial institutions, to the safety of the industry has made a great contribution.

        First, dry steel laminated glass

        Dry steel laminated, and some use of float glass, and some made of tempered glass glued laminated glass, float steel laminated glass is relatively smooth, high yield, in addition to damage, the general no bubbles, gluing Layer of white and other issues. However, the strength of the generalized laminated glass is relatively low, the safety of the construction of the damage is relatively high, many of the multi-decorative company widely used steel tempered laminated glass, to solve the installation of the damage problem. The strength of this glass is improved, but due to the tempered glass in the glass quenching in the deformation, to the production of laminated laminated glass has brought unimaginable difficulties. Many companies began to thicken the PVB film to solve the uneven glass, but in the process of processing into the pot, because the glass edge heating faster, the thermal conductivity of glass and PVB thermal conductivity is different, the glass side of the first and PVB Film bonding together, so that the middle of the steel laminated glass is difficult to discharge, resulting in a large number of waste, difficult to use. Encountered this situation can choose to use chemical spray method to solve.

        Second, dry hot-rolled steel laminated glass

        Dry hot-rolled steel laminated glass is mainly used for automotive front windshield, before the production process is complex, the cost is too high, preheating pre-pressure this process is essential, the use of sets of silicone, preheating vacuum and so very troublesome, and finished The rate is not high The film and glass fixed, directly into the autoclave, that is, save the manual, but also reduce costs, yield has improved.

        Third, the wet steel laminated glass

        In the solution of wet steel laminated bubble, the thermal polymerization product quality is stable, high strength, and dry steel interlayer is no different, and the photopolymerization of glass quality is not stable.