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BISN Attend the 3rd China-ASEAN (Thailand) Commodi

Release Date:2013-09-03Information From:BisnViews:21292次

On July 18-21, the 3rd China-ASEAN (Thailand) Merchandise Trade Exhibition, hosted by the China Foreign Trade Center, was successfully held at the IMPACT Exhibition Center in Bangkok, Thailand. Zhejiang Sheng Sheng Plastic Co., Ltd. as a well-known professional manufacturer of PVB interlining film, at the show to attract the attention of many customers and attention, foreign trade personnel to give customers a detailed description of the end of PVB film film quality characteristics and advantages, Have expressed their hope that the future will have the opportunity to cooperate.

Thailand is located in the heart of ASEAN countries, the surrounding countries have a strong role in radiation, is an important hub in Southeast Asia, the exhibition attracted from Malaysia, Singapore, India and other countries around the professional buyers to the meeting, Plastic actively participate in this exhibition, with the exhibition platform, in order to further expand Thailand and even dig deep in Southeast Asia market to lay a good foundation.

The exhibition fully demonstrated the BISN brand charm, enhance the BISN in Thailand and the ASEAN market brand awareness. In addition, with the ASEAN customers zero contact interaction, let us on the local market and the specific needs of customers have a better understanding of BISN to open up and serve the ASEAN market has laid a good foundation.